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Tequesta Veterinarian

.Welcome! We look forward to the opportunity to care for your pets here at Tequesta Veterinary Clinic Veterinary Clinic. Our veterinarians strive to care for each animal with the most current treatment options whether you are searching for a routine examination or need a care plan for a chronic condition.

Tequesta Veterinary Clinic offers a variety of services to meet your animal care needs and treat each pet with compassion. We welcome all members of the community to stop in and say hello, or tour our facility. Call now for an appointment!

Relaxed Atmosphere

Schedule your appointment today to see our commitment to keeping your pet healthy. Our veterinary team stays up to date on the current techniques with continuing education classes so your pets are in good hands. We use a gentle, hands on approach and take our time when we evaluate your animal. You will not feel rushed- we offer a relaxed atmosphere in which you are free to ask questions, receive a thorough pet exam and get to know us. We enjoy meeting families and seeing the love for each animal.

Modern Care

Our veterinarians utilize the best of today's technology to provide many diagnostics within our clinic. Whether your pet needs an abdominal ultrasound, or thoracic radiographs that can be emailed to your veterinarian in another state, or full mouth digital radiographs before dental extractions, or results of a chemistry panel in minutes, all of these are accomplished through our investment in technology. Additionally, our cold laser therapy and anesthetic monitoring equipment help us provide care for your pet more safely than ever. Call now to learn more!

    The best ever vet.........Dr Joi Sutton. No other vet can come close to being the most Loving/Caring/Devoted/Compassionate as Joi is. She cares with her every breath about the animals that she sees and cares for. She does what is the best for the animal " not always what is best for the clinic" . She truly cares...........she has cared for three of my pets/dogs since I met her 3 and half years ago. Joi truly loves her work and her clients( pets and owners). She or her staff greet each and every animal and owner personally. Joi's staff is exceptionally knowledgeable/ loving / caring as she is. Your are in very good hands if Dr Joi Sutton is your vet."

    India H.

Convenient Location

Tequesta Veterinary Clinic strives to serve our community with a convenient location and affordable options. You may be surprised to see your friends and neighbors in the waiting room as we create a welcoming atmosphere for all. Our veterinarian makes you feel as if you are part of the family and keeps open lines of communication to ease your concerns and offer your options.

Lifelong Veterinary Care

Tequesta Veterinary Clinic offers ongoing support throughout the life of your pet. From offering nutritional guidance for kittens and puppies to oral care for aging pets, we are here for you every step of the way. Our goal is to help give you many years with your pets and we also want those years to be full of activity. We can help you with discpline issues and offer guidance on how to house train your pet. Our information goes beyond the medical and into the practical education you need to transition to life with a new pet, whether young or old or how to decide if you are ready for additional animals.

Quality veterinary care is key to a healthy and energetic pet and Tequesta Veterinary Clinic wants to be your local, go-to veterinarian. Our talents are current, our services are varied and our passion is to care for your pets. Call us today to schedule a visit at Sutton looks forward to meeting you and your four-legged friend! We cannot wait to meet your animals and to develop an on-going relationship with you.


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