Our doctors like technology!  We strive to be the best equipped general practice in the area.  One of the first big purchases Dr Sutton made when she opened her veterinary clinic was a Cutting Edge class 4 therapy laser.  She initially planned on using it for arthritic patients, but soon found it helpful for a great variety of conditions.  This Cutting Edge MLS therapy laser is the same laser than many chiropractors use on humans except this laser has veterinary software to make it user friendly for veterinary patients.  She paid 28 thousand dollars for this amazing machine, but charges minimally.  If everyone pays just a little bit, the analgesia and healing benefits can help many patients.  A laser session fee includes the time of our nursing staff AND the laser itself. A laser session typically costs between $15 to $35, and we include the laser for FREE post-operatively the day of surgery.  If your pet has surgery or a dental extraction, we will likely laser the surgical site to decrease pain.   We have numerous patients (including Dr Sutton's beloved arthritic senior kitty cat) who get laser sessions every week to improve their quality of life.  Injuries, bulging disks, blocked kitties, wounds, muscle tears, anal sac infections...  The list goes on!  WE USE OUR THERAPY LASER ALL DAY LONG!  Our doctors can't imagine practicing without it!  We at Tequesta Vet Clinic choose multi-modal analgesia whenever possible, and our class 4 Cutting Edge therapy laser is as holistic as it gets.  Laser sessions may be as little as 1 or 2 minutes or up to 10 minutes.  Dr Sutton purchased the small head for areas around the pet's face and ears and the large head for the neck down.  The large head makes treatments very quick.  Your time matters!  

From the Cutting Edge website:

The innovative and patented Multiwave Locked System (MLS) Therapy Laser was developed in an effort to produce an efficient and simultaneous effect on pain, inflammation, and edema, exceeding the limits of traditional LLLT (low power) and concerns of HP (high power) laser therapy. MLS technology delivers therapeutic wavelengths, 808nm (anti-edemic and anti-inflammatory) and 905nm (analgesic), allowing a tissue penetration depth of 3-4 cm. An energetic synergy is created when delivering these wavelengths that produces greater anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects than either can produce on its own, while minimizing the risk of thermal damage. It is this unique combination and synchronization of continuous and pulsed emissions that characterizes MLS and distinguishes it from other Class IV lasers.

Unlike early-generation Class IV technology, MLS Laser Therapy has the capability to deliver controlled laser energy. This unique feature provides more accurate therapeutic dose delivery, which means consistent and repeatable results.

With high levels of efficacy, safety, and consistency, MLS Laser Therapy can help physicians relieve pain and restore lives.


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Read What Our Clients Say

    Dr. Joi Sutton is an incredible vet! She was willing to change her weekend around and help me and my 20 year old cat. I highly recommend meeting her in person. She is smart and caring!

    Michelle C​​

    Dr. Joi is fantastic we have been with her for about six years now and she's the best vet I have ever had, I've had dogs all my life and so I've seen my share of vets and she's the tops, She even made a house call in an emergency and nobody does that anymore, I would highly recommend her to anybody that has a cat or a dog or any other small animal that she might take care of.

    Larry L​​

    I love Tequesta Veterinary Clinic! Joi and the entire staff are so friendly and helpful. I'm forever grateful that I found them as a second opinion several years ago when another vet was ready to give up and put my dog to sleep at only 2 years old! Joi took the common sense approach, started from the beginning, and went over the basics that the other vet missed. She literally saved our dog's life and saved us thousands of dollars in unnecessary testing too. It's hard to find a good vet, and I recommend Tequesta Veterinary Clinic to everyone who asks!

    Michelle B​​

    Our cat became ill and we were in a panic about what was happening. The staff at Tequesta Veterinary Clinic was extremely helpful, kind, gentle, and knowledgeable. Dr. Joi is professional, a nonalarmist, and very experienced. Both our cat and our family were well respected and tended to, which isn’t an easy task. We’ve known this clinic for years and years as Dr. Joi also helped my parents and their dog over the years. I highly recommended her and her work.

    Lani S​​

    My old man, a 12-year-old beagle named "Juice", was treated like a king at this vet. I just moved from Pittsburgh and Juice really needed some dental work. I was putting it off until June when I returned to Pittsburgh but then I found this vet a half-mile down the road. Dr. Joi and her whole staff are amazing. They made me feel very comfortable taking my dog here for procedures and routine check-ups. After Juice's procedure, Dr. Joi gave me her personal number and called me to check on him. She goes the extra mile for her patients.

    Jonathan C