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Due to social distancing, home euthanasia services will be halted until the Covid19 Pandemic is sorted.   Know that as soon as our staff has a Covid19 vaccine in us (so that we don't endanger staff or other beloved clients), Dr Joi will be offering home euthanasias again.  In the meantime, Lap of Love does a wonderful job.  They can be reached at:   (561) 800-0192 or  SoFlo@LapofLove.com

Dr Sutton has owned 2 house call practices over her career.  And though it is difficult and heartbreaking to say goodbye to our beloved pets, it is much nicer for the pet when this happens in the pet's home environment.  

Now that we have several veterinarians at Tequesta Vet Clinic, Dr Sutton is willing to do "home euthanasia" for our current clients when the schedule allows.  This is for our current clients who live within a perimeter of the clinic.  There is an additional $100 fee for current clients who live within 5 miles of the clinic.  There is an additional $150 for clients who live within 10 miles of the clinic.  

For new clients we do ask that they come to the clinic for a consultation and evaluation of the pet's illness.  At the clinic we have diagnostic equipment to better evaluate the health of the pet to help families determine if it is time to say goodbye.  If a pet has a clear cut diagnosis such as cancer or organ failure and has been receiving current medical care at another clinic, we will consider a home euthanasia without a prior consult at our clinic.  If a pet simply seems to be "slowing down", we want the pet to come to the clinic for a medical work up----We want to give the pet every chance to have improved quality of life before making such a grave choice as euthanasia.

Euthanasia includes a sedative given under the skin prior to euthanasia.  By taking our time and spreading out the injections (usually 5 to 10 minutes for the sedative to take effect), euthanasia is much less stressful for clients and pets.  We give a small volume injection of the sedative through a tiny little needle then let the pet relax.  The pet is quite groggy for the second injection which goes IV.  

We provide one courtesy clay pawprint for pets whom we organize cremation. (If a family wants a 2nd pawprint when we organize cremation it is an additional $30.)  We also provide unlimited courtesy locks of fur in pretty little drawstring jewelry bags.  If the family wishes to get the ashes returned, they come in a wooden box with the pet's own pawprint and name inscribed on the box.


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Read What Our Clients Say

    I was recommended to Tequesta Vet Clinic about a year ago. All I can say is if you are looking for the perfect Vet, the perfect staff,your search is over. Joi Sutton and her staff are exceptional. Your furrry kids will get excellent care.

    - Susan A.

    Tequesta Vet Clinic has rescued my boy-cat who was diagnosed with diabetes. The previous vet had him on an insulin regiment that was not in his best interest. Dr. Joi Sutton has been the most compassionate and educated veterinarian that I have had the pleasure of knowing. My cat, along with his brothers, who also have been under her care for dental work, have immensely benefited by seeing her. Not only do my boys get VIP treatment, they are sent home “very thankful.” This makes me immensely

    - Yvonne A.