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Why is Dr Sutton suggesting you get any of your food and recurrent meds from an online pharmacy? She is doing this to SAVE YOU MONEY!  And, how nice it is to have your pet's food delivered to your home!  That's one more thing off your "to do" list.

Dr Sutton pays her Tequesta Vet Clinic staff very well. These top notch nurses don't need to be moving around inventory and big bags of pet food when they should be attending to patient care. Of course we will still stock a full pharmacy and stock the smaller smaller bags and cans of pet food, but Vets First Choice gets amazing pricing by buying in bulk. Dr Sutton doesn't need to pay her staff to sort patients' recurrent meds and foods.

Dr Sutton went to medical school to practice medicine, NOT TO SELL PET FOOD!!! She doesn't enjoy selling pet food nor taking her nursing staff away from patient care, sorting bags of food and taking up office space. We need to carry small bags prescription foods to see if pets like the food, but when a pet is on a prescription diet long-term, she wants you to get it through this online store and keep us out of it. 

Most of the Royal Canin foods get 15% off AND free delivery when a client is on "auto-ship". Auto-ship only requires you commit to buying one more time during the next year and can be canceled at any time. Of course, you can also get Purina prescription diets and Science prescription diets on this online store. Vets first choice will call you ten days before shipping to make sure you still want it. You get to determine how frequently it will be shipped. Again, this can be cancelled at any time. And it is delivered to your front door. Please help Dr Sutton utilize her amazing nurses taking care of patients. We at Tequesta Vet Clinic don't like selling pet food! The greatest benefit for the Royal Canin fans: you will save money!

Vets First Choice has FIFTEEN pharmacists and a large pharmacy staff. Auto ship medications are shipped FREE to your home. Other orders are shipped free if over $49. They are located in Nebraska and most orders arrive in 3 to 5 days. You no longer need to remember to stop by the clinic before you run out of meds. Additionally, Vets First Choice offers frequent rebates and coupons. We can pre-approve a prescription right in our hospital with an "E prescription" that you can fill at your leisure. You will get an email, click on the link and you will be on your way. Easy. This option is superior to 1-800-pet-meds in many ways. Perhaps the most important is that this is a fully authorized veterinary pharmacy. Many of the products purchased through 1-800-pet-meds won't be guaranteed by the manufacturer if the product is diverted to 1-800-pet-meds.

The typical veterinary clinic has thousands of dollars worth of product on it's pharmacy shelf. Dr Sutton has an extensive pharmacy, but Vets First Choice carries 5,000 prescriptions products. Yes, FIVE THOUSAND! The main reasons any veterinary hospital marks up product is to account for medications that may expire on the shelf and to pay hospital staff to count pills and make labels and stock pill vials and such. Staff time is a big part of it. We receive meds and foods into the hospital daily then sort them so the first to expire is in front of the shelf, and we monitor for expiration of products. A large veterinary pharmacy such as Vets First Choice has much lower loss due to product expiration. That means YOU SAVE MONEY. We save time. You then have more money to pay for veterinary services. Or, you could use that money to take your loved ones out to dinner.

Of course we will continue to maintain an extensive pharmacy at Tequesta Vet Clinic, but this offers our clients the convenience of home delivery, better pricing on many meds and foods and great customer service. Vets First Choice has a reputation for exceeding client expectations. If you are not handy with the internet, it's no big deal. They are more than happy to take phone orders. If you spend part of the year up north the shipping address can be easily changed with a phone call or email.

We at Tequesta Vet Clinic are your partners in pet health. Help Dr Sutton utilize her spectacular nursing staff for patient care rather than having them schlepp big bags of pet food around the clinic. You'll save some money while you're at it.

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  • "I was recommended to Tequesta Vet Clinic about a year ago. All I can say is if you are looking for the perfect Vet, the perfect staff,your search is over. Joi Sutton and her staff are exceptional. Your furrry kids will get excellent care."
    - Susan A.
  • "Tequesta Vet Clinic has rescued my boy-cat who was diagnosed with diabetes. The previous vet had him on an insulin regiment that was not in his best interest. Dr. Joi Sutton has been the most compassionate and educated veterinarian that I have had the pleasure of knowing. My cat, along with his brothers, who also have been under her care for dental work, have immensely benefited by seeing her. Not only do my boys get VIP treatment, they are sent home “very thankful.” This makes me immensely happy and assured my pets are in good hands."
    - Yvonne A.