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We are pleased to announce that we now have Saturday hours 9 am to 1 pm.  

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Dr Joi Sutton is very proud of Tequesta Veterinary Clinic. She has been practicing veterinary medicine for 27 years and has been in the veterinary business 35 years (which is 66% of her life). After all these years, she still adores her career. She has long thought that she is the happiest veterinarian she knows. She spent her first 8 years as an emergency/critical care vet. She then went into general practice and has cumulatively spent 2 years of her career in various undeveloped countries volunteering her services (especially spay and neuter) for less fortunate animals around the globe.  She has vast experience running spay and neuter campaigns.  After 17 years of practice in Portland, Oregon, she followed a boyfriend to sunny Florida in 2010. She had a house call practice in Tequesta from 2011 until 2013 when she opened Tequesta Veterinary Clinic in the heart of Tequesta.  Dr Joi can't imagine doing anything else and is as excited about her career now as ever.  

Dr Joi is constantly learning and going to veterinary conferences and challenging herself to be her best. (In the first 6 months of Covid 19 she attended six 3 day virtual veterinary conferences and has just begun a year long advanced dental mastermind course!)   She excels at veterinary dentistry.  Dr Joi's goal has always been to treat every patient as if it were her own pet and to treat every client as well as she would treat her mother.  Helping animals is in Dr Joi's DNA.  It is what makes her happiest.  She is happiest when working at her clinic, particularly since Dr Javiera and Dr Bill joined the team in 2019.  She is no longer the "star" of TVC, she has equally impressive "co-stars" in Dr Javiera and Dr Bill who joined our team in August and December of 2019.  The doctor team practices like we’ve been working together for years, perhaps because we each have in our background the common thread of emergency and critical care.  Our doctor staff truly works as a team.  You don't just get one opinion, your pet gets 2 or 3 opinions on complicated cases.  It's a sure sign of a good team when the members enjoy spending time together outside the clinic as well.  Life is good!

Dr Javiera Correa joined our team in the summer of 2019.  She is a Florida native who has traveled the globe but came back to South Florida to raise her family.  She has extensive experience as an emergency veterinarian, but now prefers the lifestyle afforded by the hours of general practice.  Her charming and upbeat personality is a natural fit at Tequesta Vet Clinic.  We are truly tickled to call her our own.  She is highly intelligent, practical, hard working, relatable and a lot of fun.  Clients have raved about her as soon as she joined our team.  She promises to stay at TVC until her 2 year old graduates high school.  She has rapidly become one of Joi's best friends.  Her enthusiasm for life is infectious and she is one of the most hilarious people you'll ever meet.  Joi is an extrovert, but Javiera is even more outgoing and friendly than Joi.  She has 3 active young children, and we suspect she comes to work to rest.

Dr Bill Moore  joined our team in December of 2019.  He obtained his veterinary degree in 1989 from the University of Tennessee.  He came to our practice after working at the specialty hospital in Naples for the last few years.  His special interests include behavior, dermatology, internal medicine, geriatrics and ultrasonography.  He has been practicing ultrasound for 2 decades.  He has very strong internal medicine skills.  He is able to do advanced heart and abdominal ultrasounds, and he worked alongside an internist the last few years before joining TVC.  Our clients and staff adore him.  His warmth and compassion are readily evident.  He, too, has become one of Joi's best friends, and Joi suspects he is a genius.  He is quiet, funny, slow talking and very thorough.  Above all, he is a truly kind human.  He promised Joi that he will finish off his career at TVC.

Dr Kate Raymond comes to us after 8 years at our local ER and specialty hospital, VSH.  She has already been an extension of clinic because she took care of many of our patients when they needed her most when they were at VSH.  Many of our clients who have come back from VSH over the years have said to Joi that they wished we had Dr Raymond on our staff.  Dr Joi is tickled to have land this big fish.  When a beloved veterinarian of Dr Kate’s caliber, a local legend in the vet world really, goes looking for a practice to join, she could practice anywhere she wants.   ER veterinarians have the opportunity to peek into all the general practices in the area by way of the patients referred to the specialty hospital.  That she chose our clinic is a source of pride for Joi.  She told Dr Joi a few years ago that she felt TVC was the best medicine of all the general practices in the area.  When she started her family and decided that the crazy hours demanded by emergency work were not conducive to raising her child, she chose us.  This is a feather in our cap!  Now we have FOUR veterinarians who come from a common background of emergency and critical care treating your pets.  She officially joins our team in December 1, 2020.  She leaves her dear friends and colleagues at VSH for the next phase of her career at TVC.  Well, she isn't leaving all of her colleagues at VSH...  Nurse Robin who joined our team this summer also comes from VSH.   

Joi is nearly giddy with her team of veterinarians.  It was a lot of work and patience to assemble such an incredible group.  

Dr Joi is excited to announce that we now have an association with a local house call vet for those of you who cannot bring your pets to the clinic due to mobility issues or can't get your cat into a carrier!   Dr Joi has known Dr Annie Latraverse for almost a decade.  She is kind and smart, and she is a very good veterinarian.  Joi has contemplated adding a house call service, but Annie started her own house call practice recently...  We can simply team up with her!  Dr Annie serves Jupiter/Tequesta/PBG and the farms (Palm Beach County) and parts of Martin County.  Dr Annie sees patients full time, Monday through Friday.   Many years ago Joi worked at a clinic in Oregon that was also the home base for an independent house call veterinarian.   When Joi started Jupiter Tequesta Veterinary Housecalls in 2011 she tried to find such an association, but there wasn't a brick and mortar clinic that saw the mutually beneficial reasons to team up.  Joi knows and trusts Dr Annie.  She can come use our xray machine or labwork or therapy laser or ultrasound.  When she is unavailable we can see her sick patients who need hospitalization.  We can send her our patients who need a home care checks or home euthanasia.  You can expect to pay a bit more for a vet to come to YOU.  It takes time to drive.  She charges an $85 exam fee and a $100 travel fee.  Prices beyond that she can quote you.  She has her own vet nurse.  This is a DIFFERENT BUSINESS than Tequesta Veterinary Clinic.  We can share patients for the benefit of our mutual clients.  Call us for details!

TVC patients now also have access to a board certified surgeon who comes to our clinic!  Dr Jen Bibevski now comes to our clinic about once a month to perform procedures that Dr Joi is unwilling or unable to perform.  Examples include orthopedic surgery (such as cruciate repair or patellar surgery) or tricky soft tissue surgeries.  Dr Jen brings her own vet nurse.  Dr Jen utilizes our medications, our surgical suite, our anesthetics, our xrays, etc.  Of course we help her as needed.  We keep the pet for post op care for the rest of the day and we do many of the follow up exams ourselves.  We think knee surgeries and elective soft tissue surgery are likely the biggest niche for Dr Jen at TVC.  Why are we doing this?  We are inviting her to TVC so we can control what our clients pay.  Joi loves her clients and patients and wants to make referral for specialty surgery affordable.  We expect that we can save clients at least a thousand dollars for a surgery compared to what a client might pay at JPESC or VSH.  Recall that Dr Joi owns her hospital building outright so our overhead is low.  Our biggest expense is our amazing staff and our fancy high tech equipment.  Joi sincerely wants her clients to be able to afford surgery by a specialist when needed.  Dr Jen is warm and approachable.  She is generous with her time and is happy to Zoom with clients before and after the day of surgery.

 DR JOI SINCERELY APOLOGIZES for the "revolving doors" of relief vets she had from late 2018 and through much of 2019.  Dr Joi needed time away as her mother has suffered from Alzheimer's back in Oregon where she grew up.  As much as she loves her clients and patients, she felt compelled to be there for her mom.  Many clients thought she was "on vacation", but in reality she was enduring what many of us know as the trauma of caring for a loved one with Alzheimer's.  It has been the single most horrible experience of her life, and yet it is nothing compared to what her mother is experiencing.  She felt incredible guilt as her mom would improve dramatically each time Joi was in Oregon.  Since Covid 19 (and the Alzheimer's unit being closed to guests, Joi's mom has deteriorated further without as much stimulation.  Joi looks forward to visiting her and easing her journey.  The revolving doors of vets is over.  Joi understands that this was frustrating to many clients.  It did damage to our clinic, and yet if she had to muddle through the situation again she doesn't know that she would have been able to do better.  She interviewed dozens of veterinarians before finding the pearls that are Dr Correa and Dr Moore and Dr Raymond.

Don't be fooled by the "cottage appearance" of our animal hospital!!   Dr Joi Sutton has a weakness for technology and doesn't suffer outdated equipment.  We have top end digital xray and digital dental xray machines.  We have the same fancy model Phillips PureWave ultrasound unit that 2 of the cardiologists in town use.  We have many fluid pumps.  We have an oxygen cage.  We have end tidal CO machines and most every anesthetic monitoring gadget. (Dr Sutton is very type A about anesthesia.)   We have the Cadillac of veterinary dental machines.  We have a Cutting Edge class 4 therapy laser (the same type that many chiropractors use).  We send much of our labwork out to reference labs (to save clients money), but when we have a sick pet we have the same suite of IDEXX  laboratory equipment that both the local specialty/ER hospitals have.  There may be big hospitals in the area who pay large rent or mortgage, but DR SUTTON OWNS HER BUILDING OUTRIGHT.  This gives her the ability to have high end medical equipment and pay her staff well (which has resulted in staff retention and attaining the best nursing team of any general practice in the area).  Our awesome team of veterinarians (Dr Joi, Dr Javi and Dr Bill and Dr Raymond) boasts a combined total of 84 "years in practice". 

Joi bought the building in 2013 when it was run down (when the Florida commercial real estate market was still "on sale"), and she transformed it into a lovely hospital with fabulous flow.  All those years that she would set up veterinary clinics in 3rd world countries gave her an "eye" for this.  She saw what great bones the little 2,200 square feet cottage building had back in 2012. It was a sad little building in need of some serious TLC.  Today it is a smooth running medical center but maintains it's cottage charm.  Ultimately this means to YOU that you aren't paying for a mortgage.  When you bring Fluffy to our hospital, you are paying for our experienced staff, the medications and our state of the art medical equipment.   When you understand this bigger financial picture, our beloved hospital building becomes very attractive.

So if Dr Joi has all this fancy medical equipment why does she call her medical facility a “clinic” rather than an animal hospital? After all, the other general practice clinics in the area don’t have 24 hour appointments and manned overnight care yet still call themselves hospitals.  Dr Joi thinks the word hospital should be reserved for 24 hour care facilities.  

We allot 45 minutes for our new patient exams because we want time to get to know you and your pet.  Please show up 15 min early to fill out new client paperwork and make sure our reception staff have your pet's health history sorted before the examination. We strongly encourage you to help us get prior records to us (or let us call your prior veterinarian) so we don't duplicate medical care. Gathering records prior to the appointment is appreciated so we can review them before ahead of time.  Some clinics take a day or longer to get us a pet's medical records.

Dr Sutton Excels at veterinary dentistry, so of course we have DIGITAL DENTAL XRAY! This is the same xray that your own dentist uses in your dental practice. Since it is digital we have images in mere seconds. No more guessing if a root is sound. Tequesta Vet Clinic is the home of the affordable dental and we pride ourselves in quality dental care. Digital dental xrays are included in the dental packages. Dr Joi loves going to continuing education and wet labs for advanced dental training, but she does not perform root canals—Clients can go to a board certified dentist if they want root canals.  See our dental tab on the top of the website for pricing and details. We strive for the gold standard of care at affordable prices.

We offer FREE MICROCHIPS to our patients. We recently saw an invoice from a nearby clinic who charges $68 to implant a microchip.We do it for free. This is one of Dr Sutton's gifts to her clients. We live in hurricane county and she wants all if her patients to have a chip. Perhaps our greatest gift to clients is our reasonable prices.

Our doctors and vet nurses at Tequesta Vet Clinic all use our high quality ultrasound. We have variable skill set, but we use it all day long.  In April of 2019 she upgraded her "nice" ultrasound to what could be described as the "race car" of ultrasound units.  We are clearly not internists nor radiologists, but we can often identify diseases in our practice without having to send you to a specialist, especially since Dr Bill joined the team last year.  We typically charge $115 for Global FAST scans in our clinic by Dr Javi and Dr Joi.  Our in house ultrasound scans may direct us to send you to a specialist for a formal ultrasound, or we may just make the diagnosis ourselves.  We use our ultrasound all day long for simple things such as collecting urine to more advanced looks such as during triage of an ill pet.  Dr Bill has been practicing ultrasound for 20 years and has impressive ultrasound skills.  We typically charge $250 to $450 for his exams (depending of if he is doing one or 2 body cavities).  We do our best to make this service affordable.  We charge a mere $5 to collect urine via ultrasound guidance.  Again, we use our ultrasound all day long and wonder how we ever practiced without it.

Dr Sutton is "Fear Free" certified.  We do our best to make veterinary visits low stress for your pet.  We have pheromone diffusers throughout the hospital to help calm your fur babies.  Additionally, for particularly anxious pets we will send a few doses of trazodone or gabapentin out the door for ten bucks.  Owners can give these medications several hours prior to the examination to lower the pet's stress.  Our staff typically offers treats throughout the pet's visit to make the vet clinic a better experience for pets.

We open our doors each weekday at 8:15 am.  Dr Sutton usually gets to work by 8am. Examinations are by appointment. If there is an urgent “walk in” we will try our best to accommodate the pet, but scheduled exams  take priority (unless the “walk in” is a true emergency). It is best to call us for an appointment.  WE WERE FINALLY GOING TO GET SATURDAY HOURS IN APRIL OF 2020, BUT HAVE POSTPONED THIS MOVE DUE TO COVID19.  Wearing the PPE is hot!  Our nursing staff is boiling in the gowns and masks and face shields.  They need their weekends to recuperate.  Rest assured that once clients are allowed back in the building we plan to have Saturday hours.

We pride ourselves on an extremely clean animal hospital. Dr Sutton and her staff blend technology with old fashioned caring. She brags about her nursing staff all the time. In 27 years of practice (and 35 year in this business) she has never come across such an amazing staff as her own.

Dr Sutton really wants this website to be a resource for her clients. Please take some time to peruse our website. You will find some wonderful client educational opportunities. You can read about our practice philosophy and even order pet food and meds that can be delivered to your front door! For our snowbird clients, this website is very handy! Our online store is through Vets First Choice which is known for great customer service and great prices. If you don’t like to order online, go ahead and call! Phone orders are just fine. It is very convenient to have pet food and meds DELIVERED DIRECTLY TO YOUR HOME! That’s very cool. Besides, Dr Sutton isn't really a fan of selling pet food.  She'd rather her amazing staff spend their time helping your pets rather than moving around bags or cans of pet food.  If you need help setting up an account, Dr Sutton and her staff are happy to help you. When you place an order, we are alerted by an email and can authorize the medication much faster than if you use a different online pharmacy. Again, this home delivery option is extremely useful for our snowbird clients who escape the Florida heat during the summertime.

Dr Sutton wants you be involved in your pet’s vaccination choices! Surprisingly, some local clinics still vaccinate for everything every year. We follow vaccine protocols set forth by the American Animal Hospital Association and the American Association of Feline Practitioners. If your pet’s lifestyle doesn’t warrant a vaccine, we won’t give it.  We also try to spread out vaccinations to minimize adverse events from vaccinations.  We use only the highest quality NON-adjuvanted vaccines.  We take the time to discuss vaccines with you to best determine what vaccines are warranted for your pet's lifestyle.

Finally, when it is time to say good bye to your beloved pet, we now offer a home euthanasia service.  Pet euthanasia is an unfortunate part of our profession, but we do our very best to make it go smoothly.

Please enjoy our website. Or better yet, stop by our clinic for a tour.

Blending technology with good old fashioned caring.

Dr. Joi Sutton
Tequesta Veterinarian | Tequesta Veterinary Clinic | (561) 972-0016

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~~I want all of my patients to have a microchip, and I’m willing to do it for free. Yep, I pay for the chip and my staff registers it at no cost to our clients.  If a pet is lost, a chip provides the best chance for reuniting the pet with the family.  A client recently told me that one of my free microchips saved his cat.  His indoor cat snuck outside and was gone for 6 weeks.  He was reunited with the family because of the free microchip I implanted.
As my current patients come in for exams or annual check-ups I will scan and implant a chip if needed -- with owner’s consent of course.  Folks do get to pay the regular exam fee which is pretty much the cost of a chip) and I will examine the pet from nose to toes.
This is a gift to my current and new clients.  The other clinic in Tequesta charges $68 for a microchip.  Our patients get a microchip for free.  If someone goes to another clinic and just wants to come for a chip and continue going to that vet, they can ask their own vet if they will give them a free chip. This is a gift to Tequesta Vet Clinic patients only.  I’d love for all the area clinics to chip patients for free.  Who knows…  I’m hoping I will start a trend, making this a common veterinary practice at other clinics.  Spread the word!
Joi Sutton, DVM

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    Dr. Joi Sutton is an incredible vet! She was willing to change her weekend around and help me and my 20 year old cat. I highly recommend meeting her in person. She is smart and caring!

    Michelle C​​

    Dr. Joi is fantastic we have been with her for about six years now and she's the best vet I have ever had, I've had dogs all my life and so I've seen my share of vets and she's the tops, She even made a house call in an emergency and nobody does that anymore, I would highly recommend her to anybody that has a cat or a dog or any other small animal that she might take care of.

    Larry L​​

    I love Tequesta Veterinary Clinic! Joi and the entire staff are so friendly and helpful. I'm forever grateful that I found them as a second opinion several years ago when another vet was ready to give up and put my dog to sleep at only 2 years old! Joi took the common sense approach, started from the beginning, and went over the basics that the other vet missed. She literally saved our dog's life and saved us thousands of dollars in unnecessary testing too. It's hard to find a good vet, and I recommend Tequesta Veterinary Clinic to everyone who asks!

    Michelle B​​

    Our cat became ill and we were in a panic about what was happening. The staff at Tequesta Veterinary Clinic was extremely helpful, kind, gentle, and knowledgeable. Dr. Joi is professional, a nonalarmist, and very experienced. Both our cat and our family were well respected and tended to, which isn’t an easy task. We’ve known this clinic for years and years as Dr. Joi also helped my parents and their dog over the years. I highly recommended her and her work.

    Lani S​​

    My old man, a 12-year-old beagle named "Juice", was treated like a king at this vet. I just moved from Pittsburgh and Juice really needed some dental work. I was putting it off until June when I returned to Pittsburgh but then I found this vet a half-mile down the road. Dr. Joi and her whole staff are amazing. They made me feel very comfortable taking my dog here for procedures and routine check-ups. After Juice's procedure, Dr. Joi gave me her personal number and called me to check on him. She goes the extra mile for her patients.

    Jonathan C